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Downstream Impacts of Site C Will be Measured: Scientists

Though it will be too late for those in the Peace-Athabasca to have their concerns heard with respect to the Site C dam by the time the modelling is done, the research will at least be able to send a stronger signal the next time a review panel is burdened with the task of evaluating just how far downstream the impacts of flow regulation will reach.
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A U.N. special rapporteur (a fancy word for reporter) today blasted Canada for, among other things failure to consult around pipeline development, "which is contributing to an atmosphere of contentiousness and mistrust that is conducive neither to beneficial economic development nor social peace." He continues, "resource extraction should not occur on lands subject to aboriginal claims without adequate consultations with, and the free, prior and informed consent of, the indigenous peoples concerned." Game over? Naw.
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