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The Environmental Conservation Lab at the University of Manitoba has been conducting research in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories since 2011, and we’ve heard a familiar story repeated again and again: In the de­­­bate about resource extraction, local voices are either marginalized or silenced. Outcomes from research that is being conducted on traditional lands is often not being conveyed back, leaving community members in the dark about the most current scientific developments that affect the health of their environment. Local communities are looking for ways to learn more about the changes they are feeling and seeing, while having a global voice that contributes meaningfully to the conversation. As international attention is focused on one of the Earth’s largest industrial projects, One River News is proud to offer a service devoted entirely to the communities that live downstream.

We hope One River News will be the go-to website to engage in discussions about environment changes and human health concerns, as well as stories of resilience and other success stories from communities along the Athabasca, Slave , Peace and Mackenzie Rivers. We want the site to reflect the true diversity and complexity of the issues at hand. As such, we’ll be looking to you, the reader, to share your side of the story, on your own terms.

OneRiverNews.ca will feature original content, including videos, photos, articles, and other submissions from readers like you. We are also offering a platform for scientists conducting research in your area to convey their results in plain language that anyone can understand. The website will also aggregate fresh news and views from local and national media, and other stakeholder groups. One River News will allow you to keep up with the latest news, stories, and community events in one place.

How you can be involved

Contact us about submitting articles, recipes, scientific research or results, information on proposed developments, community events, or anything else. You can send and share direct links to your friends and family about all the important and interesting things you find on the website. You can also help start the global conversation by commenting on the website, and sharing and discussing articles on Facebook and Twitter.

Reach us at info@onerivernews.ca

Phone: 1 (204) 474-9316
One River News C/O Environmental Conservation Lab
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