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About Stéphane McLachlan

Stéphane McLachlan is a professor at the University of Manitoba, and the head of the Environmental Conservation Lab on campus. He is also the producer of award winning film Seeds of Change, and wanorazi yumneze (Awakening Spirit).

Much Ado About Smoking – Dr McLachlan Responds to Critic’s Claims he ‘Blows Smoke’

Dr Kindzierski has gone on the record being highly critical of the report and the underlying research design and analysis regarding the health and more specifically the cancer results. Although his criticisms are of course welcome and will only contribute to discussion regarding these important issues, I (perhaps predictably) see them as entirely wrongheaded.
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Consumption Advisories Need to Consult, or Sound Tone-Deaf

These gull and tern eggs reflect a cultural tradition. A way of life that has been practiced for thousands of years. A way for parents and grandparents to teach kids about the world around them. A tradition that is being undermined by upstream development. A tradition that is getting harder and harder to practice.
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