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Meagan Wohlberg is editor of Northern Journal, a weekly news publication covering northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. She lives in Fort Smith, NWT.

River Roundup: What’s Ruining our River This Week?

Guess what list Canada comes #1 on!
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Alberta Regulator Blames Company’s Steaming Practices for Bitumen Leaks 

It will be a while before CNRL is allowed to proceed full steam ahead on its in-situ oilsands project near Cold Lake.
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Athabasca Chipewyan Knew that Cracked Caprock Could Cause Bitumen Leaks in Cold Lake – Company Finally Agrees

“They’ve been super-heating and pressurizing the ground for the last decade now in that region and lo and behold, something has happened and they have no idea how to control it,” says Eriel Deranger, communications coordinator for ACFN. “They don’t know the long-term impacts of these projects and this is a prime example that government and industry don’t have the foresight or the technology to back up their assumptions of what these projects will really do to the land, environment and ultimately the people.”
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Broken treaties focus of 44th Dene National Assembly

From oilsands encroaching on traditional territory in northeastern Alberta to Aboriginal fish nets being pulled from water near Yellowknife, First Nations across Denendeh are fed up with what they see as an erosion of their treaty rights. Treaty was the...
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Scientist Finds “Really Big Difference” in Fish Near Oil Sands Compared to Elsewhere

After heading the foremost fish study in the Athabasca and Slave River systems over the past several years, Dr. Paul Jones said the trends he is seeing in contaminants are not just petrochemical in nature, but likely caused by the oilsands industry.
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Final First Nation Officially Withdraws from Joint Oil Sands Monitoring Program

And then there were none. The Fort McMurray First Nation put the last nail in the coffin of Aboriginal involvement in the federal-provincial Joint Oil Sands Monitoring (JOSM) program last week, becoming the fifth and final Aboriginal representative to leave the table.

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Downstream Impacts of Site C Will be Measured: Scientists

Though it will be too late for those in the Peace-Athabasca to have their concerns heard with respect to the Site C dam by the time the modelling is done, the research will at least be able to send a stronger signal the next time a review panel is burdened with the task of evaluating just how far downstream the impacts of flow regulation will reach.
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Forgetting Damning Court Decision, Alberta Bans Same Green Groups from Oilsands Hearings Again

Echoing the same view that the judge found to be ”fatally flawed” and hinging on ”irrelevant and improper reasons” – which barred the groups from the hearing based on an impression that they would be uncooperative, had previously published negative media on the oilsands and were not ”directly” impacted by the project – Alberta Environment official Kevin Wilkinson once again denied them access to the review process.
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Fort Chip Solar Potential Breaks Through Shadow of Oil Sands

Fueled by a vision for an alternative world where houses and businesses could run on energy from the land, Mercredi has been almost singlehandedly investigating and pushing for renewable energy solutions in his isolated northern Alberta community for years.
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Fort Chipewyan Taking Matters into its Own Hands (Again)

The Alberta government continues to show it has yet to learn from decades of miscommunication and tense relations with both First Nations in Fort Chipewyan following another bungled opportunity for cooperation in the area of health.
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