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Michael Tyas is the managing editor of One River News. He graduated the University of Manitoba with an honours degree in environmental studies, and is a professional videographer and video trainer. He produced the feature length documentary "One River, Many Relations" in Fort Chipewyan. He continues to work with indigenous communities to share their stories around resource extraction, industrial development, and impacts on traditional territories.

We are all standing with Fort McMurray

I saw this imagery of smoke from the Fort McMurray fire spreading over the continent and thought, how apt. Fort McMurray's ashes are spreading across Canada, and we are all sharing in the grief, but Canadians generosity and support is spreading back to Alberta at light speed.
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Schindler and co. blast shuttering of AEMERA

David Schindler and 7 other prominent scientists have come together to call bullshit on Boothe's report and minister Phillip's decision. While Boothe called it a 'failed three year experiment,' the scientists helpfully point out that it inherited a hoarder's level of baggage from former versions of the program and it was unfair to hold them responsible for this, as they hadn't adequate time to clean the mess.
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Another environmental monitoring scheme up in smoke without warning

I ask this only half ironically, but do First Nations need their own spy agency to stay on top of two-faced government intelligence?
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Rick Mercrer Rants, Props Up Fallacy

Rick Mercer has called out the Montreal mayor for rejecting Energy East. Mayor Denis Coderre explained in the Montreal Gazette and other outlets that he is against the 1 million barrel a day pipeline due to it’s threats to the environment, drinking...
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See ya CEMA

Alberta’s NDP unceremoniously cut ties with CEMA, an organization the previous government formed, over the Christmas holidays. This kind of heartache belongs in a holiday song. Last Christmas, we gave you a grant. N.D.P. won, and then yanked it back! This year, to...
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Our Canadian Tour Concludes, and a New Chapter Begins

Thank you so much to everyone who came to see One River Many Relations last week during our Canadian tour. And a huge thanks to our fort Chipewyan Elders, Alice Rigney and Joseph Gibot, who braved the trek from the north to join us on this exhausting run.
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Nexen Shutting Down After AER Suspends Pipelines

This is not the type of news one usually hears from the Athabasca Oil Sands. After the largest oil spill in Canadian history, and being slapped with a suspension of 95 pipelines by the Alberta Energy Regulator due to the company’s lack of...
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Dusty Roads and Drying Deltas: Water Restrictions Spell Danger for the PAD

The Alberta Energy Regulator is so concerned about the low water levels on the Athabasca River, it has blocked temporary diversion permits across the region. This means that bridges aren't being cleaned, dust isn't being sprayed down, and drilling operations will need to secure another source of water instead of pumping it out of the river.
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River Roundup: Media Includes First Nation in National Discourse

We're pleased that the national media have included Fort McMurray First Nation in the discussion around Canada's largest oil spill. Here's a non-exhaustive list of articles that focused on the Peoples of this traditional territory.
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Canada’s Largest Oil Spill on First Nation’s Doorstep

Canada’s largest oil spill happened right next to Fort Mcmurray #468 First Nation. According to a hastily prepared official press release, Fort McMurray First Nation”is extremely concerned about the magnitude of the pipeline spill at the CNOOC Nexen Long Lake Facility that...
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