The Peace Athabasca Delta Got 99 Problems, but Site C Ain’t One

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Danger sign near the Bennett Dam in British Columbia. A joint panel has determined that the proposed Site C dam will have no measurable impact on the Peace Athabasca Delta. Photo courtesy of wader,

In today’s gob smacking news, the Site C Environmental Assessment Joint Review Panel has determined that there will be “no measurable effect” to the Peace Athabasca Delta or the communities that call it home. Their rationale? The Bennett dam, climate change, and the Oilsands are the main culprits causing PAD problems. Site C will be a run-of-the-river traditional dam with a surface area 5% of the Williston lake reservoir and, besides, the issues like low water levels causing the delta to expand, expatriation of the muskrat, cancer concerns, and a collapsed fish market, would be present whether it was built or not.

Good thing that the Community Based Monitoring Program is well established in Fort Chip. They will hold BC Hydro, and this Panel, to account if the project is approved with baseline data and hard science. If the project goes ahead, I hope that what they say is true. My gut says something different.

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