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Michael Tyas is the managing editor of One River News. He graduated the University of Manitoba with an honours degree in environmental studies, and is a professional videographer and video trainer. He produced the feature length documentary "One River, Many Relations" in Fort Chipewyan. He continues to work with indigenous communities to share their stories around resource extraction, industrial development, and impacts on traditional territories.

In this fascinating long form article, we meet the man some say is responsible for decimating the Alberta oil industry by lowering oil prices worldwide. The reason? Fear of renewables leading to peak demand, even before we hit peak oil. Too bad Canada invested so heavily into oil instead of renewables these past couple years; we could have kept OPEC up at night by now.
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Life above the Alberta tar sands – why we’re taking the government to court

Beaver Lake is at a tipping point. Industry has moved in, but it has not yet destroyed everything worth saving and it is not too late to intervene.
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Colonization of Fort Chipewyan Sickening Residents

The casual skimmer of the Edmonton Journal might see this headline and think impure thoughts. 'Trail-blazing aboriginal doctor worries Fort Chipewyan residents not ready for major lifestyle change' may seem, to the uninformed masses, like Fort Chipewyan needs a major attitude adjustment about their health. Everyone knows that aboriginal communities struggle with smoking, diabetes, drug use, lack of physical activity and poor food choices, right? Fort Chip is no different? Wrong.
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Colorado Environmental Film Festival Official Selection!

We’re thrilled to announce that One River Many Relations is an official selection for the Colorado Environmental Film Festival this February 19-21 in scenic Golden. We really like how the mission of the CEFF is in tune with our goals...
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Majority of Canadians Support FN Pipeline Blockades

In case you missed this on New Years Eve while popping a cork of something bubbly, Canadians overwhelmingly want a nuanced discussion on energy and environment.
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Stephen Harper: Oil’s worst enemy – Macleans

We can't get over this graphic. Good article as well.
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Fishing for Stories in 2015

It's a new year and we're fishing for stories about environment and culture in the Peace, Athabasca and Slave watershed.
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Low Oil Prices Threatening Mega Projects

Oil sands projects are deferred, but not dead, due to record breaking low prices. These projects will go ahead once oil prices rise. Low oil prices are a double edged sword, because divesting into renewables is less economically compelling when we're choking on cheap oil.

What are some decisions or investments you're making this year to reduce your consumption of non-renewables?
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River Roundup: What’s ruining our rivers this week?

Think low oil prices are affecting the viability of the oil sands? Think again.
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“The Oil Sands’ Bird Deterrent System Works Perfectly,” Doesn’t Work

The Oil Sands have upped their game lately, and it’s not your 'mama’s bird-of-prey window decal' any more; it’s positively military inspired. Lasers dazzle across the tailings ponds at night, while radar tracks birds and adaptive directional speakers blare everything from shotguns to sounds of distress. It doesn’t work.
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