Fishing for Stories in 2015

"Water Spirts", 54" x 46", © 1979 Norval Morrisseau

“Water Spirts”, 54″ x 46″, © 1979 Norval Morrisseau

It’s a new year and we’re fishing for stories about environment and culture in the Peace, Athabasca and Slave watershed. Call the news desk at (867) 872-0081 or send a tip to
In particular, we’d like to know how your winter is going?
  • ice conditions and ice fishing
  • animal sightings or lack thereof
  • Nutrition north fallout and it’s effect on your family
  • cultural events
  • funny or heartfelt stories in general

You can write for us or let us do the writing for you.

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About Michael Tyas

Michael Tyas is the managing editor of One River News. He graduated the University of Manitoba with an honours degree in environmental studies, and is a professional videographer and video trainer. He produced the feature length documentary "One River, Many Relations" in Fort Chipewyan. He continues to work with indigenous communities to share their stories around resource extraction, industrial development, and impacts on traditional territories.
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