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Little Known “Feeder” Pipeline – Vital To Tar Sands Expansion – Being Quietly Rammed Through Approvals Say First Nations

“Grand Rapids would provide the main feed from the source for other major pipeline projects, but the new Alberta Energy Regulator and the Alberta Consultation Office has decided the project is minimal impact, with no need to consult with our First Nation. It’s a disgusting misuse of power and poor policy,” said Chief Allan Adam of the ACFN.
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Much Ado About Smoking – Dr McLachlan Responds to Critic’s Claims he ‘Blows Smoke’

Dr Kindzierski has gone on the record being highly critical of the report and the underlying research design and analysis regarding the health and more specifically the cancer results. Although his criticisms are of course welcome and will only contribute to discussion regarding these important issues, I (perhaps predictably) see them as entirely wrongheaded.
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Critic of Fort Chipewyan Health Report Politely Pans Research in Conversation

I reached out to Dr. Kindzierski because I wanted him to unpack his criticism of our report. I wanted to know if he was reported accurately in the article. What did he think about the use of Traditional Knowledge in our study? What elements of our study did he found interesting? After he had more time to review the work, did he have a different opinion? The following is a pleasant conversation we had over the phone that was transcribed.
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Athabasca Chipewyan Knew that Cracked Caprock Could Cause Bitumen Leaks in Cold Lake – Company Finally Agrees

“They’ve been super-heating and pressurizing the ground for the last decade now in that region and lo and behold, something has happened and they have no idea how to control it,” says Eriel Deranger, communications coordinator for ACFN. “They don’t know the long-term impacts of these projects and this is a prime example that government and industry don’t have the foresight or the technology to back up their assumptions of what these projects will really do to the land, environment and ultimately the people.”
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River Logs – Day 5. Comfortable Familiarity

In the irregular series 'River Logs', I will share some of my personal stories from my annual ‘huge summer visit’ to communities along the Athabasca and Slave River. During these visits, I distribute One River Many Relations newsletters, gather new ideas for this website, film stories with Elders and land users, and reconnect with old friends I’ve made along the way.
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