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Recent and past news. This section also includes multi-media, and stories.

A ‘Tail’ of Two Ponds – What B.C. Can Learn from Alberta’s Own Tailings Spill

Ken Hudson, President of the Fort Smith Métis Local, remembers the Obed coal mine spill that rocked communities along the Athabasca and Slave Rivers. Now that another tailings pond has breached just nine months later, he wonders what, if anything, has changed.
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The NHL Just Dropped the Gloves on Climate Change, Ice Roads Risk Missing Playoffs

The NHL has released its first ever Sustainability Report, and dropped the gloves on climate change. This is why remote northern communities should take note.
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Alberta Regulator Blames Company’s Steaming Practices for Bitumen Leaks 

It will be a while before CNRL is allowed to proceed full steam ahead on its in-situ oilsands project near Cold Lake.
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“Broken Ground” a Fresh and Engaging Look at Resource Extraction in Alberta

Recently, the David Suzuki Foundation threw down the gauntlet on oil and gas fracking in Alberta with a project called “Broken Ground.” The project merges an eloquently written copy with high quality video to interweave a number of narratives. The end result...
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Little Known “Feeder” Pipeline – Vital To Tar Sands Expansion – Being Quietly Rammed Through Approvals Say First Nations

“Grand Rapids would provide the main feed from the source for other major pipeline projects, but the new Alberta Energy Regulator and the Alberta Consultation Office has decided the project is minimal impact, with no need to consult with our First Nation. It’s a disgusting misuse of power and poor policy,” said Chief Allan Adam of the ACFN.
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Government of Alberta Indifferent to Health Concerns of Fort Chipewyan Residents

This is a repost from Tar Sands Solutions. Residents of Fort Chipewyan have been met with callous indifference from the Government of Alberta in response to a new report that characterizes the impacts of industrial activity associated with the Athabasca...
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Athabasca Chipewyan Knew that Cracked Caprock Could Cause Bitumen Leaks in Cold Lake – Company Finally Agrees

“They’ve been super-heating and pressurizing the ground for the last decade now in that region and lo and behold, something has happened and they have no idea how to control it,” says Eriel Deranger, communications coordinator for ACFN. “They don’t know the long-term impacts of these projects and this is a prime example that government and industry don’t have the foresight or the technology to back up their assumptions of what these projects will really do to the land, environment and ultimately the people.”
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“Don’t Let Them Off the Hook.” Dr. McLachlan Gives Interview on the Daily Grrr

Dr. Stéphane McLachlan was featured on the Daily Grrr yesterday where he was given a chance to talk at length about the recently released health study, it's findings, and a call to action for listeners.
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Press Coverage of Health Report Release – River Roundup

A River Roundup of press coverage, and some commentary, related to our historic health study released earlier this week.
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