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Schindler and co. blast shuttering of AEMERA

David Schindler and 7 other prominent scientists have come together to call bullshit on Boothe's report and minister Phillip's decision. While Boothe called it a 'failed three year experiment,' the scientists helpfully point out that it inherited a hoarder's level of baggage from former versions of the program and it was unfair to hold them responsible for this, as they hadn't adequate time to clean the mess.
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Earthquakes Spook Animals Too!

This interesting story linking fracking with earthquakes missed an important question: what effect does it have on the wildlife? We can expect that burrows will collapse, killing the critters inside. Earthquakes have been shown to spook animals, vacating them from breeding areas and even causing them to tremble or not eat up to a day afterwards. These are yet another set of questions that remain unanswered in the pursuit of energy and profits.
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Colonization of Fort Chipewyan Sickening Residents

The casual skimmer of the Edmonton Journal might see this headline and think impure thoughts. 'Trail-blazing aboriginal doctor worries Fort Chipewyan residents not ready for major lifestyle change' may seem, to the uninformed masses, like Fort Chipewyan needs a major attitude adjustment about their health. Everyone knows that aboriginal communities struggle with smoking, diabetes, drug use, lack of physical activity and poor food choices, right? Fort Chip is no different? Wrong.
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